Abrahomich wants Mourinho to stay because he’s the best

Scooper One | 4th Nov 2015

Abrahomich wants Mourinho to stay because he’s the best

A Monaco shareholder Alessandro Proto claims he met Roman Abramovich in London in a bid to take Jose Mourinho to the principality, according to Daily Mail.

Abarahamovich is not known to condone a long string of losses, so everyone believes Mourinho has already lost his job at Chelsea. Although nothing suggests he is leaving the club yet but continued disappointing performance from the team means his immediate future at Stamford Bridge is under severe threat.

Monaco reportedly made a staggering £35 million bid for Mourinho which was rejected by Abrahamovich who says he considers the Portuguese tactician the best in the world. Mourinho had also insisted he would remain in London until 2019.

It’s either Abrahamovic has learnt to be more patient or he has a lot of faith in the 52-year-old manager. But it could be none of the two.

Alessandro Proto’s Proto Enterprises said in a statement to EFE: “We offered €50 million to have the coach immediately, but the request was €100m (£71m) and that figure seems exaggerated.”

Blues owner Abramovich’s close friend and former Chelsea striker Andriy Shevchenko also thinks Mourinho would remain at Chelsea.

“Of course (Abramovich is likely to give him time to get things right),” Mirror Football quoted him to have said..

“I think Roman, first of all, has been working already with José. He still believes in him and still believes in his quality, and Jose has won the Premier League the last year, and he is a great manager.”