Chelsea fans get consolation from the ladies

Scooper One | 8th Nov 2015

Chelsea fans get consolation from the ladies

Now is not a bad time to be a Chelsea fan, it is just a bad time to be supporting the men. Look at the brighter side, the ladies are doing great.

Chelsea lost another match on Saturday against Stoke City. Like the team’s manager, Jose Mourinho who was banned from the match, the Chelsea website blamed the referee for some incidences during the match

“The first major incident of the second half was a forearm smash into the jumping Nemanja Matic from guess who? Charlie Adam; with guess what outcome? Words from the ref but no yellow card,” the website reads.

Shortly after the incident, Arnautovic volleyed in Stoke’s lead. They held on till the end, condemning Chelsea to 16th place after 12 games.

While the lads keep breaking the fans’ hearts, the ladies are giving them something to smile about.

Chelsea 16

Chelsea ladies