Cristiano Ronaldo takes a swipe at Messi, Suarez and Neymar camarederie

Scooper One | 17th Feb 2016

Cristiano Ronaldo takes a swipe at Messi, Suarez and Neymar camarederie

Cristiano Ronaldo has criticized Barcelona’s trio of Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez and Neymar’s friendship when asked at the UEFA Champions League press conference on Tuesday if their bond off the pitch have helped their success on the pitch than his partnership with Benzema and Bale at Real madrid.

“How do we know that [their relationship] is that way? Only because that is what gets written,
“I am going to tell you something. When I was at United, I didn’t speak [off the pitch] to [Ryan] Giggs, [Paul] Scholes and [Rio] Ferdinand apart from the normal ‘good morning’ but we won the Champions League.

“We talked on the pitch and that is all that mattered. Does it matter that I don’t go out for dinner with Benzema or that Bale does not come around my house. It is not important. This thing about the little meals, the little hugs, the little kisses. To me that doesn’t mean anything.”

Ronaldo claimed he knew why Lionel Messi passed the penalty to Suarez when asked about the so-much talked about penalty assist; “I know why he did it and I am not going to say anything more than that. You can think whatever you like,” he said.

The Real Madrid forward was questioned on his form this term — he (Ronaldo) said:  “I would like to continue this form that you say is so bad until the end of the season.”

The Portuguese superstar has scored 32 goals in 30 games across all competitions this season but have often being criticized for lack of goals away from home — when asked about his away performance by a reporter he said: “Since I have been in Spain, name one player who has scored more goals than me away from home.”

When there was no response, he added: “You don’t have one,” — then stormed out of the conference to the surprise of his manager Zinedine Zidane who was seating next to him.

Meanwhile, Rio Ferdinand who is a former teammate to Ronaldo at Manchester United has laughed off the 3-time Ballon d’Or winner’s comments when featuring as a pundit on BT Sport.

BT Sport

“He’s gone off me! He used to live next door to me. Unbelievable!” he joked, before adding Ronaldo’s comments might be because of the criticism the Portuguese received about his dress sense at United.

“I actually used to take the mick out of him in the changing rooms, I think he’s got the hump. He used to come in tight jeans and we used to murder him. He didn’t get it.”.

Reacting to Ronaldo’s reaction of walking out of the press conference, the former England defender argued that it only shows the Portuguese’s desire to win; “That just shows the emotion he’s got in him and the desire to win and the desire to get back on top.

“At the moment everyone’s talking about Barcelona and he’s not happy with that. And that’s his competitive streak coming out” Ferdinand said.