Iceland players hit back at Cristiano Ronaldo

Scooper One | 15th Jun 2016

Iceland players hit back at Cristiano Ronaldo

Iceland players have accused Cristiano Ronaldo of being a “sore loser” in a reply to the Real Madrid superstar attacking the Scandinavians of having a “small mentality”.

“Drawing, for us, has been marvellous,” former Chelsea forward Eidur Gudjohnsen who was an unused sub said

“We don’t concentrate on the other teams. Our performance was one of pride, character and, above all, hard work. I don’t really care what Ronaldo has to say.

“He said we were lucky but you always need luck. Luck doesn’t fall from the sky, you have to earn it.” the ex-Bolton player added.

Defender Kari Arnason also added that: “It makes it even sweeter when he’s a sore loser like that.

“I mean, he can say whatever he wants. He didn’t really get a chance today, he got one and he couldn’t put it away. What can I say? Sore loser. Tough s***.

“He’s a fantastic footballer but he’s not a gracious human being and the thing is we almost nicked the win so him saying we weren’t going for the win contradicts that.

“We got a draw and could have nicked it. Obviously we’re not going to create as much chances as a fantastic team like Portugal but his comments are the reason why [Lionel] Messi is always going to be one step ahead of him.”

Las Lagerback’s men rallied back to score a point in their opening fixture through Birkir Bjarnason after Nani had put the Portuguese team 1-nil up in the first half.