Liverpool not doing business this January, except …

| 13th Jan 2017

Liverpool not doing business this January, except …

Liverpool won’t do business this January except the right player is available. The ankle injury which sidelined Philippe Coutinho until his return at Southampton on Wednesday night, coupled with Sadio Mane’s participation in the Africa Cup of Nations, has led to speculation that the Reds may want to strengthen.

However, Jürgen Klopp has rejected the prospect of any knee-jerk reactions in the market a number of times in recent weeks – and did so again as he spoke to Sky Sports on Friday afternoon.

“If you tell us that the right player is now available for us, we would do it of course,” said Klopp.

“But I’m 100 per cent convinced that the things you do in the winter, you should only do when you would do it in the summer too. Everything else only solves the problem for a second, and a few days later you have another problem.

“We cannot get any player – this team is too strong, this squad is too strong. We need players to make us better.

“Of course, sometimes in a season you have harder moments. We have not been that lucky with injuries, important players in the wrong moment. That didn’t help.

“But we have to go through, and I’m sure if we would have had more players from the beginning of the season, we [wouldn’t] have had the success until now – because it’s all about the group and this group is really good together.

“Of course, there are different ways you can plan a season; we had no [European] football this season and we couldn’t ignore this fact.

“But, for sure, a lot of things will happen in the summer to strengthen our squad. But in this moment, if there’s the right player and we can get him, we will do it. If not, it makes no sense.”