Mou’ is a man of faith

| 5th Oct 2015

Mou’ is a man of faith

Jose Mourinho believes Chelsea players will soon rediscover their confidence.

The Blues boss saw his side lose their second consecutive game heading into the international break, having previously gone four matches unbeaten, despite taking a one-goal lead at home to Southampton.

While he has admitted there is also plenty of work to be done on his part, Mourinho feels the rub of the green has not quite gone the way of his side – particularly when it comes to refereeing decisions, with the Blues denied two clear spot-kicks in our most recent matches.

“Only Mother Nature can do it,” said the manager regarding the confidence levels within the squad. “They [the team] need luck, they need to feel luck, they need to arrive at half-time winning 2-0 or 3-0.

“They need to fly without pressure, to play and feel that everything is going in their favour. Not to feel this pressure, this panic, this negativity: decisions against, unlucky, mistakes.

“Time will bring it. I don’t know next match, in two matches, in three. For sure they will get that confidence back, for sure.”

“One thing teams are not afraid of for sure, is to make penalties. Because they make them all the time and the referees they never give them. It’s a big confidence that you feel. You are not afraid to be aggressive in the box. You are not afraid to have duels.

“I always tell my players in the box to be careful. “Don’t use your hands, don’t use your arms, be careful, you can be punished.” They know that they can. Opponents know that they don’t have to feel that pressure. That, for me, is clear.’

The manager was aggrieved about the referee’s decision not to award Radamel Falcao a penalty with the score at 1-1 against Southampton. That followed a clear handball in the dying minutes against Porto which was not spotted by any of the officials.

“It’s clear and the referee was in perfect condition and he was 10 metres away,’ he said. ‘The penalty is big. When everything goes against you, you need these decisions. Not the doubtful, the clear – like the penalty in Porto. You need that and [when] everything is going against you, you feel the pressure because you are human.’