“I wish I could explain everything what happened. You hear so many stories, but nobody knows the real truth. It just happened. It just changed everything through the night – war between everyone, between three different cultures. People just changed – we heard so many stories on the radio and the television,” says the Liverpool defender.

“I just remember when the sirens went on. I was so scared because I was thinking ‘bombs’ or that something will happen now. I remember my mum took me and we went to the basement, I don’t know how long we’d been sitting there, I think it was until the sirens went off. Afterwards, I remember mum, my uncle, my uncle’s wife, we took the car and then we were driving to Germany.”

During the documentary, Lovren recalls how his family were forced to flee their home in the sleepy Bosnian town of Kraljeva Sutjeska when war broke out in 1992.

Following a 550-mile drive to Munich, they settled in Germany. There, Lovren went to kindergarten and school, played football and fell in love with FC Bayern – but, after seven years, the family were told to leave and started a new life in Croatia.


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