Nolito earns £100,000 a week but his mum lives in a squat

| 5th Nov 2016

Nolito earns £100,000 a week but his mum lives in a squat

Usually, parents of footballers end their struggle with poverty when their children become stars. Not Rocio Agudo Duran, mother of Manchester City forward Nolito, who earns a reported £100,000 a week.

According to reports, Nolito abandoned his mum after a row on WhatsApp, advising her to steal so she could eat. Rocio said the pair have not spoken since July 2015 when they had the argument.

“If you want to beg outside the supermarket, do it. And if you want to steal, steal” Nolito was quoted to have texted after his mum criticised him for employing a stranger to clean his house, rather than have her as the house keeper.


Rocio holds a sign she displays while begging outside a supermarket

Rocio has not lead a good life and had little or no influence on Nolito who says he was brought up by his grandparents.

“I got addicted to smoking heroin after being thrown out of home after a family row when I was 17 and Nolito was 21 months. I fell in with the wrong crowd. You name it, I took it. I used to shoplift to make money to buy drugs, but most of my cash came from prostitution,” Rocio said.

Although the 46-year-old said she has changed, her past continues to haunt her and may see the rift between her and Nolito continue for some time.