Pogba will not join United

| 30th Jul 2016

Pogba will not join United

Paul Pogba will not join Manchester United. Although journalists like ESPN’s Miguel Delaney claim Poghba to United is a done deal, the midfielder’s agent has likened such journalists to parrots.

“Journalist = parrots. No deal done between Clubs. It’s a game between Italy press and UK press who announce it first and who is worse,” Mino Raiola tweeted.

Seeing that Pogba’s agent rarely tweets, most messages coming him from him via Twitter are almost always true and final. Before his tweet about the Juventus midfielder yesterday, Raiola last tweeted on July 21 and it was about the Pogba rumours. Before then, it was in June when the greatest boxer ever Muhammad Ali died and before then, March.

Last year when there were rumours about Zlatan Ibrahimovic leaving PSG for Turkey, it was via Twitter that Raiola dismissed the rumour.

Ibrahimovic did not leave.

Raiola is not so much of a Twitter person. He rarely tweets and follows no one on the social networking site. Imagine his empty timeline. But coming to twitter to put out a message, we must take him seriously and move on to other things. More so, many believe Pogba was overvalued at 95 million pounds.

As far as I am concerned, Pogba will be in Turin next season, anchoring the midfield of the Old Lady. United will be smart to look elsewhere for their missing middle man.