Rooney was the plague; United will be safe if he remains in quarantine

| 25th Sep 2016

Rooney was the plague; United will be safe if he remains in quarantine

Manchester United are back to winning ways. Yay!

Captain Wayne Rooney joined in the celebration of goals as the Red Devils scored four times against champions Leicester City. It all happened because Jose Mourinho did what many knew he could do; make a tough decision. The tough decision was leaving Rooney on the bench.

The England captain has not been playing well for club and country but he has featured regularly for both sides regardless. Who would tell a team’s leader that he is not good enough to make the starting line-up?

Mourinho listened to the complaints of fans and analysts who have identified Rooney as the problem United have at the moment. This was confirmed by the team’s display against Leicester. The Red Devils played as if Rooney’s lethargic display in previous games had been infectious. Now that the team has been purged of the infection, every one is well again.

Rooney was the plague. He must be in quarantine until he fully recovers. When Rooney returns to his best, someone sure will have to drop to the bench for him, but for now, he must remain in quarantine and only play cameo roles in games. United is better off without him.

But is this the end of Rooney’s United career? No. This is a wake up call for Wayne. Now, he knows his critics are not saying rubbish. He will get back to work and bounce back to be the Wayne Rooney we have always known him to be.