The Liverpool Star Who Eats 8 Times Daily

Scooper | 3rd Feb 2017

The Liverpool Star Who Eats 8 Times Daily

For most outsiders the corridors of the footballing world, common knowledge would suggest footballers live under a strict dietary and healthy lifestyle plan, which usually include minimizing alcohol intake, regular exercising, and keeping close watch of the content and frequency of meals consumed.

It seems Liverpool midfielder, Adam Lallana, stays true to most of these rules except for his willingness to visit the kitchen frequently. According to reports from The Sun UK, the English midfielder eats as much as eight meals everyday. Its a mystery how he manages to keep such a trimmed figure!

Lallana justifies this incredible appetite, saying it helps to keep his energy levels up, particularly in such a demanding league and the Premier League.

Fascinating statistics show the Liverpool star’s claim aren’t far-fetched. matchday stats show Lallana regularly runs further than any other Reds star, covering more ground than any of his team-mates. He even managed to pull off this incredible feat twice in 44 hours during the full-on festive fixture pile-up.

“Looking back to the two games in 44 hours at the turn of the year, we literally got into the dressing room after the City game and had a plate of pasta – probably the last thing in the world you wanted to do is eat because you had no appetite coming in after the game,” Lallana confirmed.

He still had room for more though, as he proceeded home after the game to enjoy another big plate of pasta and meat.

“It was a bit easier to eat then because it was a couple of hours after the game, but even though it was 10.30 at night, it was still important to get it into your system,” he continued.

“The next day, it was about eating all day, as often and as much as possible really. I think I woke up about 7.45am and had toast in bed.

“Then I went downstairs and about 10 o’clock, I had some Weetabix with banana.

“At midday, my old man was up at my house so he made bacon and egg sandwiches in a bap, so I had two of them.

“I got into training at 3pm for recovery and had a yoghurt and a Ryvita-type bread with chicken on and another shake. We did recovery and then after that, I had pasta, chicken and veg.

“We travelled to Sunderland, got there about 8.30pm at night and there was a big sandwich station set up for us – so I had two big sandwiches, packed with meat, and a yoghurt.

“Then the next day, on the morning of the game, you eat as much as you can.”

Quite an appetite right?