Why Pinto never became Barcelona’s number one

Scooper One | 2nd Oct 2015

Why Pinto never became Barcelona’s number one

Most of the time, Pinto is thinking of lyrics for a new song

A nice music video by former Barcelona goalkeeper Jose Manuel Pinto shows he had another interest apart from goalkeeping when he was in Barcelona.

The Spaniard who made name for himself at Celta Vigo before joining Barcelona on loan in January 2008 as a replacement for injured Albert Jorquera fell down the pecking order to Victor Valdez

Pinto sometimes looked out of place during his time at the Nou Camp, playing pranks only an entertainer would, as evident in his being charged for an “improper conduct” and banned for two games by UEFA for whistling and confusing Cesar Santin in a Champions League group game against F.C Copenhagen.

Several Barcelona players can look back at their time at the club and enjoy every minute spent on the pitch. If Pinto enjoyed every minute also, they are not much; he spent more time on the bench. His first love was apparently music.

He never really felt bad being a ‘bencher’ at Barca as he was always ready to play the cheerleader, entertaining his teammates who are starters with good music after winning a major trophy. He is sometimes joined by Dani Alves.

Unlike other players who go into something in the sport after retirement, Pinto always knew he’d be in music; he was a semi-professional musician while playing for the Catalans. Adios Amigos,” he must have told his teammates when he left in 2014.

Even if he could not make great saves between the sticks, Pinto is dishing out great quotes in his music.

They say that in life “if you want it, you can get it” and that “you can even learn from the bad times”!